Who Is Liq Electro

Founded in 2011, Liq Electro is a store engaged in the retail, wholesale and remanufacturing of electronic products. The company offers electronic products such as audio equipment, televisions and home theaters, tablets and cellphones, computer equipment, appliances, and many other types of products. In addition to all this variety of products, Liq Electro also specializes in security systems. To do this, we have developed our own brand “SSC” (smart security canada), in order to best meet the security needs of our customers.

Eco Friendly

In addition to offering new products, we help reduce the ecological footprint by giving a second life to products that would normally have been thrown away. Indeed, we buy returns and open boxes from large chain stores to refurbish them. Our team has the mandate to test, clean and grade each item before the product goes on sale at a much lower price. To learn more about it, click here.

History of the Company

In addition, Liq Electro wants to increase its purchasing power with its suppliers in order to offer better prices to its customers and to supply other stores that are committed to offering a variety of discounted products. We invite merchants to contact us for more information. Finally, Liq Electro also operates its brand iVape Quebec, which produces and distributes a variety of vaping products for retail and wholesale. Unfortunately, these items are not visible on the online store since Law 44 in Quebec prohibits the sale, display, and promotion of these items online. We invite you to contact us or visit us in store for more information.

Our Vision

Liq Electro thus aims to offer the best quality / price ratio, reduce the ecological footprint, offer pleasant working conditions to its employees and listen to the needs of its customers. That is why we offer a guarantee on all our products and that we promise impeccable service. Our team is attentive to your questions and comments and we ensure your satisfaction before, during and after the purchase. By this very fact, our mission is to provide products that meet requirements that meet our expectations.

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