Shipping & Returns

All items sold in the Liq Electro store are covered by a 90-day limited warranty (unless otherwise stated in the product description on our website).  Within 30 days of delivery of your order, you may, for any reason (except physical damage, see table below for more details), return an item to Liq Electro for a refund (read the returns section for more details).  After 30 days, but before 90 days,  returns are also accepted but no refund is possible; we only give credit notes that can be applied to your future orders.  If after 30 days but before 90 days  the item becomes defective after normal use of it, then we can make a replacement for the same item. No credit will be given  unless  we do not have the item in stock. In the case of an exchange, you will have to bear the return costs but we will send the item back to you free of charge. In the event  that the item is not in stock, you will get a full refund (in the form of a credit note) but must bear the cost of returning this item. Please note that upon receipt of the item, an inspection of the item will be carried out to verify that it is defective. In the event that the item is not defective, then Liq Electro will contact you to inform you of its decision.    

With respect  to refurbished products, the manufacturer 's warranties do not apply ; only Liq Electro's warranties apply, which is 90 days.   

Cancellation of an order

If you have placed an order that has not yet been dispatched and wish to cancel it, you must contact us directly by email, telephone or our online form. Liq Electro may then cancel your order, without penalty, where we will refund the full amount.


Your products purchased through orders made on can be returned to your local store or by post. The return period starts from the delivery date (date you received the product).

Within 30 days of delivery of your order, you may, for any reason, return an item to Liq Electro for  a  refund,  which you will receive  within 3-10 business days of receipt of the product.  If the error is ours, the refunded shipping costs will be our standard shipping rates for that item. If the return is not the result of an error on our part, you will be responsible for the cost of returning this item.  Here is an explanatory grid of the  applicable procedures  depending on the situation:




Error on our part (wrong item received, defective item arrived, item not as described in photos or description)


You must return the item to us (in store or by mail) and you will get a full refund for the item (we will also refund the shipping costs related to the return of the item if applicable) . If the item is defective, you can also simply request the replacement of the item and we will pay all return and shipping costs.

An accessory is missing

We will ship the accessory at our expense. If we do not have the accessory, we will carry out a return procedure related to an error on our part (see box above)

Incorrect quantity received

If you received an oversize , contact us and we'll likely ask you to return it to us and we'll refund the associated shipping costs if applicable . If you have received a quantity less , we will ship the missing quantity to you at our expense .

Ordered the item by mistake

If the item has not yet been shipped, you will get a full refund. However, if it has been shipped, you have 30 days to make a return and you will get a refund for the item but will be responsible for the shipping costs of this item if applicable.

Item does not meet your needs

You have 30 days to make a return and you will get a refund for the item but will be responsible for the shipping costs of this item if applicable.

Physical damage

If you are responsible for physical damage to an item in question, no refunds or exchanges are allowed and no warranty applies. However, you can contact us and we reserve the discretion to offer you a discount on a future purchase.


Please note that to have a refund, the items must be in the same condition, in their original packaging and with all the accessories. If the item is damaged, missing parts, not in its original condition or shows obvious signs of use, Liq Electro can issue a partial refund up to 50% of the item price. In addition, you can request a refund after 30 days  but only if your item is in its original condition, thenyou must, at your expense, return the item to us andLiq Electro will beableto issue a partial refund up to at 80% of the price of the return item (thereforeno refundof            shipping and return costs),  and this refund will take the form of a credit note that you can use on a future order.

If you no longer have the original box or all of the box components, you must notify usprior to shipmentand you may be entitled to an exchangeor credit note only.Liq Electro reserves its discretion.If we have the product in stock, we will only exchange the components of the product that you have returned to us.If the product is no longer in stock, no return can be made.If you return yourproductwithout the original box and all the components and you have not informed us beforehand, then Liq Electro will contact you to inform you of its decision.For this case as well as all other exceptional cases, you can contact us directly in order to agree on the procedure to be taken.                

Instructions for making a return

1.  You can submit a request online,or contact us directly by phone or email with a detailed explanation of your reason for return and the action you wish to take.If you wish to apply online, here are the instructions:    

    • Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of your screen
    • In the left column "MY ACCOUNT", click on My orders
    • Click on the “View” button of the order for which you wish to make a return
    • Below the order details, click on the “Return Items” button. Note that this button only appears if the order has been shipped
    • Select the quantity to return, then select the reason for your return. Please read the explanation of return reasons, below, before making your selection.
    • Select the return action you want to take. Note that the final decision on return action can only be made by Liq Electro. Please read the explanation of return actions, below, before making your selection.
    • Enter your comments and click on the “Send” button. We will process your request as quickly as possible.


2.  Contact our customer service department by phone at 1-438-386-3860 or by email ( who will provide you with your RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. As soon as you have obtained your RMA number, return your purchase to us in the original box with all the components that were present in the box when you received it. You must mail it to the address below: Liq Electro, 9090 avenue du Parc, local 102, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2N 1Y8.

Note that your RMA number is valid for 30 days from the date it was given and must be clearly marked on the outside of the box, or the refund may be delayed or refused.We will process your request as quickly as possible, and you will be notifiedif there is a refund,exchange orcreditnote .          


Explanation of return reasons

  1. Missing accessory: An item that was supposed to be included with the item was not present in the box.
  2. Wrong item received: The product received is not the one you ordered.
  3. The item is defective: When your package arrived, the item was not working when you first tried to use it.
  4. Item not as described: The item you received does not match the description on the product detail page.
  5. Wrong quantity received: You received more or less items than the number you ordered.
  6. Ordered the item by mistake: You did not purchase the product you intended to purchase when ordering.
  7. The article does not meet my needs: During your first use, you realize that the article does not correspond to your expectations.
  8. Physical damage: You accidentally broke the product.

Explanation of return actions

  1. Return the item to the store: You wish to come on site to return your product to the store. Please read the procedures below if you wish to take this return action.
  2. Ship the item to the store: You wish to return your product by post. Shipping costs apply and depending on the case we can reimburse these costs.
  3. Request the sending of the accessory or the missing article: Choose this action if an accessory was missing or if you had received a quantity less than that ordered.
  4. Request a replacement: If the item received was defective and you wish to replace it with another product identical to this one.

Return to a store

Within 90 days of purchasing a product, you can return an order placed online or in store to the store. You must have :

    • The original invoice for your purchase  (sent by email). Please print it out  and bring it with you
    • The original method of payment; refunds will be  made using the original method of payment.  If you prefer, or if your return is made after 30 days, then the refund will be made in the form of a credit note which you can use on a future purchase.
    • The original packaging and contents (manuals,  warranty papers and  any other accessories that were included) must be in the same condition as the original     
    • Personal identification; your name, address, phone number and signature will be required, along with a valid  photo ID

If you  can't find your invoice or you no longer have the original method of payment, you canstill come to the store so that we can make a decision.   

Delivery delay

Our delivery times are between 3 and 25 days, depending on the distance of your delivery address from our store.

    • 3-5 days if you are in the same province
    • 6-14 days if you are in another province of the same country
    • 15-25 days if you are in other country