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Liq Electro is concerned with the security of transactions carried out over the Internet. The transactional process of Liq Electro products takes place in a completely secure environment in accordance with the most modern and effective protection technologies. When you provide your personal details, Liq Electro uses trusted encryption technology, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol, which ensures the security of the data transferred between your web browser and our platform, in particular with regard to relates to transactions, data transfer and connection information. Thus, Liq Electro certifies that we comply with the strictest security standards so that your personal information cannot be intercepted.

Use of the Website and Intellectual Property

Liq Electro maintains this website for your legitimate personal entertainment, information and communication needs. We are not responsible for any type of damage resulting from your use of this website, your navigation on it or your downloads of any type of content.

All Liq Electro products as well as all the content of its website (logos, images, slogans and texts including these) is the exclusive property of Liq Electro and is protected by copyright laws . Our content may not be copied, duplicated, reproduced, republished, posted online or otherwise used for any commercial purpose except with permission from Liq Electro. However, you may, for personal use only, download, display and print the content presented on this site. Unauthorized use may violate applicable copyright, trademark, intellectual property or other laws. With respect to other trademarks, trade names, logos and images belong to their respective owners, and their use is also a violation of the rights of their owner unless authorized.

We reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to refuse to deliver a product, or to cease providing access to its website to any individual who exhibits behavior that is illegal, prejudicial, inappropriate, or likely to be with respect to Liq Electro, its suppliers and customers. 

Accuracy of Information and Disclaimer

Liq Electro attempts to use all possible means to ensure the accuracy of the content of the website and it is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. Our photos, text and prices on the website represent the most recent information available at the time it is displayed. However, we do not guarantee that the information is free from errors, inaccuracies or omissions,and therefore we are not responsible for them . These errors can be related to the price, the description, the availability of the products or even the color of the products, since this depends on the screen you are using .

Accuracy of your information

Liq Electro relies on your information provided through our website , including registration information (name and email), payment information ( credit cards ) and transaction information , which must be true. , accurate, current and complete. You are therefore responsible for any damage, loss or additional cost that may arise from incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date information. For example, if an error is present in your delivery address, you will be solely responsible for the costs related to the return of the package.


Liq Electro reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to modify the retail prices. The price of a product added to your shopping cart is normally the one displayed on the detailed page of the latter, unless ecofees apply. Some products may have recycling fees, applicable to Quebec residents only, and these fees will be indicated in your basket if they are applicable.

If your delivery address is in Canada, please note that all prices are in Canadian dollars, they do not include taxes and these differ according to the rate in effect for your province. For international deliveries , prices will be displayed in your country's currency, and sales are not subject to Canadian taxes. However, orders delivered outside of Canada will be subject to import customs duties, taxes of the country where the package is delivered and customs administration fees.

Liqelectro.com cannot confirm the price of an item until you place your order. If the exact price of a product is lower than the one indicated in the detailed page of the product , we will credit you the difference between the exact price and the lower price. For example, if the actual price of a USB cable is $5 but you paid $10 due to a typographical error, we will credit you the $5 difference. Conversely, if the exact price of a product is higher than the price displayed in the product detail page, Liq Electro will contact you by email or telephone prior to delivery to notify you of the cancellation of the order. This policy is in effect for all products sold and delivered by Liqelectro.com.

Payment methods

For transactions made on the Liqelectro.com site, all payments are made securely via PayPal, our payment processing partner , from which the following payment methods are accepted: Paypal, Paypal express, Visa, Mastercard American express, Discover Card and bank transfer


Advertisements on Liqelectro.com are intended to invite you to make offers to purchase our products and do not constitute offers to sell. Your properly completed and submitted purchase order constitutes your offer to purchase the products specified in your order.

Product Availability

Liq Electro reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to modify the availability status of a product without notice. Also note that some products may require a special order, but it will be clearly indicated in the product detail page if this is the case. Products can be shipped to an address located in Canada or any other country where delivery is possible via our website .

Liq Electro reserves the sole discretion to limit the quantities for sale or sold, and at all times to correct, cancel, refuse or terminate an order placed on our website for any reason whatsoever , even whether it has been confirmed or invoiced. If this is the case, we will refund the invoiced amount of the canceled order .